Ryan ‘The Rappologist’ Steck Sr. rated it 5 of 5 stars

“Into Hell’s Fire is a masterfully written political thriller that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Douglas Cavanaugh paints a vivid picture of the bloody Balkan war, taking the reader on an educational action-packed adventure.

When we first meet the protagonist, Lucas Martin, he is enjoying early retirement (or “permanent vacation”) while living in Thailand in an apartment overlooking the Patong Bay. His dreams of nonstop traveling and sightseeing across Southeast Asia are suddenly put on hold when a man from Martin’s past calls him up asking for his help.

As it turns out, the United States government never read the briefing Martin had written before he entered his early retirement, now they wish they had. Their failure not to has left them unsure of how to proceed with their involvement, and position on, a new war beginning to unfold. As fate would have it, Martin is asked to get back in the game working undercover as a photographer within the boarders of ex-Yugoslavia. His mission is to report the facts about whatever is really happening on the ground, allowing the United States to better understand how they can be of help in the region.

The book first sucks you in with a gripping beginning sequence, then carries on that momentum in supercharged fashion to the very end.

I found this book to be an incredibly fun read and managed to finish it in a short weekend. Those unfamiliar with the territory, like myself, will turn the final page and walk away with a much better understanding of what the war was really about, and who was effected by it. The author displays wonderful pacing leading up to a climatic ending that begs for more. I hope for a squeal, as I’m sure you will too!”

More reviews from other important readers of the action/spy/thriller genre:

“Into Hell’s Fire is a spy novel based in the former Yugoslavia during their devastating civil war in the early 1990s. The plot was enjoyable, not overly complex, and the history is fascinating. ” book review team.

From the U.K. :

“As with all good thrillers the action is well done and is, er, thrilling. From speaking with a few author pals, writing action scenes can be very hit and miss, and isn’t something all authors can do well. Douglas Cavanaugh can do it. From the mortar shells raining down on cars speeding towards the city, to the utterly sublime way Lucas entered a building to take out Serbian snipers who were targeting civilians, it was one hell of a ride. I like this novel because it pushes you to think that little bit more. It’s a novel for the thinker, for someone who wants to be immersed in something new, something out of their comfort zone. Give this book a try and you’ll discover some real little gems buried in amongst a good, solid novel. So trust me when I say that you’ll find these hidden gems a true delight, buried there by an author who writes very well and shows superb promise. I genuinely hope that Douglas Cavanaugh writes more.”

– review team, April 25, 2016.

From the back cover:

“Douglas has created an incredible story based on fragments of genuine war stories discussed in our personal conversations over the years. Into Hell’s Fire‘s embellishments are mixed with enough reality to make the story believable, and his descriptions of actual history are right on target.”

Dimitrij Vasiljev, former sniper squad instructor of Croatian Special Police and Anti-Terrorist Unit during Croatia’s Homeland War