Interview from Our Adventure In Croatia

This week for our regular feature “more adventures in Croatia” we welcome to our blog Douglas Cavanaugh, an American expat who for the past eighteen years has been living in Rijeka, a northern coastal town and principal seaport in Croatia.

In his spare time over the years, Douglas has written an action/spy/thriller novel set in Bosnia and many parts of Croatia, Dalmatia included, so we were very interested to hear the story of his own adventure in Croatia, and how he came to writing this action-packed book!


Interview from

Into Hell’s Fire is a story of heroism, tragedy, bravery and brutality. It describes many facets of human nature, such as the positive attributes of self-preservation, adaptation and the will-to-survive as well as the negative attributes of greed, deceit, cruelty, and how these traits intertwine. While the story is fast-paced and action-packed, the plot unfolds using the ideal dosage of descriptive detail of foreign cultures and exotic locations to create a fabulous page-turner.